Ran Bahadur Subba

Mr. Ran Bahadur Subba, Minister, Chairman and now again Minister:

Mr. Ran Bahadur Subba, Minister has constructed big house at Rumbuk Busty,  West Sikkim at a of Rs. 50 Lakhs. Another gigantic seven-storyed RCC Building was constructed at Deorali, East Sikkim along the NH 31A at a cost of Rs. 1.5 crores. This is in total violation of Sikkim Government Site  Allotment Policy Act, 1985 which provides that the size of the building should be within 32 x 22 ft. and not more than five storeyed. A fund of Rs. 14 crore under the Centrally Sponsored Aforestation of Catchment Area of Rangit River Valley was transferred by NHPC through Power Department to the Forest Department when Mr. Ran Bahadur Subba was the Minister of Forest. While the fund have been spent in whole, only 25% work was done as per technical and physical verification report of the NHPC. When he was MLA in his second term he was illegally permitted to obtain trade license for Foreign Liquor dealership. He earned huge sum of money from the dealership of Foreign Liquor for which he had illegally obtained license as the govt. law forbits the public servants from holding any other office of profit/business. The net result of his activities can be seen in the photographs of his gigantic seven storeyed building on NH 31A,  Deorali in East Sikkim and Rumbuk Busty, West Sikkim. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Beside above buildings Mr.Subba and his spouse have following movable and immovable assets declared in the Affidavit during his nomination of 2004 and 2009 State Assembly Election:

(i)                Ran Bahadur  Subba has landed property measuring area 3.4580 hectare at Rumba Busty, West Sikkim bearing Khatiyan Number 120 and Plot No.124, 338, 366, 374, 384, and 409.

(ii)             Mr. Subba has landed property measuring area 1.0940 hector at Upper Thombong Block ,West Sikkim bearing Plot No.935, 939, 962, and 967.

(iii)           Kamal Maya Subba wife of Ran Bdr. Subba measuring area .4800 hector at Rumba Block, West Sikkim  bearing Khatiyan No.197 and Plot No.406, 407.


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