Scams and misdeeds of Chamling

1.         Scam on NLCPR Fund-1:

In 1999-2000 DONER (Development of North East Region)  sanctioned Rs. 19.51 crores for major overhauling of 2 x 6  MW Hydel Power Generation Station at Lower Lagyap Power Project.  The project completion year was 2002-2003, but works was never undertaken physically and through  fake utilization certificates, which were submitted and accepted by the DONER Ministry, the sanctioned amount was siphoned off. There was no monitoring at all by the concerned Authority.

2.         Scam on NLCPR Fund-2:

For the upgradation of Paljore Stadium, Gangtok funded  by the DONER under NLCPR head, the project worth Rs. 18 crore was awarded to the construction company on turnkey basis but by the time of completion of the project  the cost was escalated by another 15 crores. The  work executed is not only sub-standard but also has been left incomplete. DONER Ministry has not carried out any monitoring. The way the project was implemented stands as ample proof of rampant corruption.

3.         Scam on NLCPR Fund-3 Mr. Hissey Lachungpa, Minister Power:

DONER Ministry had approved and sanctioned 132 KV Transmission Lines from Rangeet Power House to Melli under NLCPR head. Payment was also made in full. However, on physical verification it was noticed that the physical  progress is not commensurate to the expenditure incurred, (Secretary Mr. Atul Sinha’s (DONER) Report.

4.         Scam on NLCPR Fund-4:

For the construction of 18 New Roads in three Districts of Sikkim, Rs.4.50 crores was sanctioned in the year 1999-2000 under NLCPR(DONER) and the completion period was 2001-2003. The present physical position of the project shows that the sanctioned fund has been siphoned off and there is no trace of any of the targeted 18 roads.

5. North East Council Funds Scam  :

The North East Council sanctioned a grant of Rs.53.20 Lakhs  in 1999-2000 as measure to control landslides, but no work has been done and the Vigilance Department failed to fix the culprits and the Chamling Government sabotaged the case for good.

6. Scandal in Power Department-Minister in-Charge, Mr. Pawan Chamling:

Mr. Pawan Chamling, Minister-in-Charge of Power Department purchased Electronic Meters for Sikkim State by over ruling DGS & D Rule. The actual market rate and the government procurement rate of Electronic Meters was alarmingly different. Whereas the Market rate of one single phase electronic meter of Havell’s make in open Market  is Rs.800/- per piece the procurement rate of the Department is Rs.3400/-  per piece. Similarly, market rate of Three Phases Electronic Meters is Rs.2750/- per piece, whereas the procurement rate of the Department is Rs.11700/- per piece.

7.         Scandal in Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department:

Mr. Pawan Chamling Government’s Public Health Engineering Department procured GI Pipes and Ductile Iron Pipes at the rate which is more than 80% above the manufacturing rate by over ruleing DGS & D rate. STCS is also involved in this scandal.

8.         Government Land Scam:

Mr. Pawan Chamling directly violated the Government of Sikkim Site Allotment Policy Act, 1985, Forest Conservation Act, 1980 and also ignored the Revenue Order No. 1 of 1917 by rampantly distributing Government Department Lands, Forest Lands, Government Green Belt Areas, Government Industrial Flour Mill Land,  PHE Department Land and Sikkim Nationalized Transport Land to the people belonging to his inner coterie  which included his Ministers, Government  Advisors, brothers, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, Chairmen/Chairpersons, Senior Government Officers and to those who already had their Palatial Buildings and Houses in prime areas in Bazars of Sikkim. Most of the sites are approved by the Chief Minister, Mr. Pawan Chamling himself.

9. Scandal in Roads and Bridges Department: One man Koirala Commission.

Bungling of Rs.87 crores in the Department of Roads & Bridges was detected by Koirala Commission but Mr. Pawan Chamling, the Chief Ministers deliberately suppressed the One Man Commission’s Report which exposed the criminal activities in the department of Roads and Bridges.

10. Scandal in Power Department (Mr. Pawan Chamling is the Minister-in-Charge)

Bungling of Rs.35 crores in the Department of Power was detected by  P. Wangdi Commission but the Chief Minister himself being the Minister in-Charge of Power Department, he suppressed the truth by shelving the P. Wangdi Commission Report.

11. Scandal in Chief Minister’s Department; Excise and Finance Department (Report of Sarala Committee on Excise Departmen)t:

Mr. Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister appointed Sarala Committee to look into the scandals and irregularities in the Sikkim Distilleries Ltd. and so on. This committee submitted its report revealing all the scams and total misappropriation of funds of about Rs.100 crores in Sikkim Distilleries Ltd. only. Mr. Pawan Chamling himself being a Chief Minister, Minister-in-Charge of Finance and Excise Departments, preferred to differ the report and also removed Miss Sarala Rai, Committee’s Chief from the position she was holding.

12.       Scam in Rathangchu Hydel Power Project, Mr. Hissey Lachungpa, Minister-in-Charge: Rathongchu Hydel Power Project, Yuksam, West Sikkim-30 MW:

Despite the Cabinet decision of closing down the Project on December, 1994, Mr. Pawan Chamling’s Government continued with the project till October, 1997. Total Bills settled including outstanding dues payable to Contractors/Suppliers,etc., on project amounting to more than Rs. 33 crores is actually fake and is a total loss to the public exchequer.  Mr. Pawan Chamling’s Government did not implement its own cabinet decision. Finally, the State Government was compelled to close the project and scrapped the same to cover up the corruption which can be termed as more then a broad day light robbery, as this project speaks for itself. Mr. Pawan Chamling  himself violated his own affidavit on oath filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court. Besides, Mr. Pawan Chamling also dishonoured the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court which pronounced that “The Rathongchu Project should continue without disturbing the Ecology and Environment of the area”.

13. Scam on Sikkim Lottery:

Mr. Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister and  Minister-in-charge of  Finance, awarded Lottery business to two Lotteries Giants of India, M/s Martin and Zee TV Playwin Lottery in total violation of section 4 (b) of Lottery Regulation Act, 1998 by using and affixing the State LOGO and the signature of Finance Secretary with an aim of misleading the  public of the country. M/s Martin got the award from Mr. Pawan Chamling at the lowest rate of Rs.17 crores per year only whereas as per the verdict of High Court of Sikkim K & Co was regularly giving Rs. 40 crores annually.

This arbitrary and illegal act of the Chamling Government is causing loss of Rs.23 crores  to the State Exchequer annually. Similarly, Zee TV runs Playwin Lottery without ‘Just and Fair’ Tender from the State Government. On this account,  a case was lodged in Sikkim High Court by two local residents and the Mumbai based Modi Entertained Network Ltd. against the Tender of Lottery and  the   High Court of Sikkim struck down the arbitrary award of the Lottery business without floating any tender. However, the State  Government did not comply with the order of the Sikkim High Court and allowed M/s Martin and Zee TV Playwin Lottery to continue to run their business in total disregard to the fact that such action is causing huge loss of Rs. 23 crore to the state exchequer annually.

An interesting scenario in the above connection was that a Bolero bearing registration No. Sk-02/7033 was nabbed by two concerned Police Officers, near Ranipool, East Sikkim as the Bolero in question was loaded with Indian Currency and was heading towards Gangtok. To the fact was suppressed and the two concerned Police  Officers including the Officer-in-Charge of Ranipool Police Check Post were transferred immediately the next  day thereby giving rise to suspicion on the whole episode.

14. Violation of Act of Parliament:

Mr. Pawan Chamling blatantly violated the Act of Parliament  on maintenance of austerity wherein restrictions were imposed on the number of  Cabinet Ministers. Mr. Pawan Chamling acted on the contrary and appointed multiple numbers of Cabinet ranking persons, Chairmen/Chairpersons , Advisors to the government of Sikkim which is evident  from the Gazette Notification of Raj Bhawan, Gangtok, Sikkim  bearing No. SKM/ GOV/2004 dated 25th May 2004. It was a mere malafide intention of Mr. Chamling to protect his own interest at the cost of people and the public exchequer so that his govt. is not ousted or over thrown.

15. Bribing The Press And Media to Cover-up Misdeeds:

Mr. Pawan Chamling abused his power to suppress his corruptions, misdeeds Anti- People activities and Anti-National move by bribing or gratifying  the Press and Media in and outside Sikkim. Mr. Pawan Chamling, the Chief Minister of Sikkim distributed cash to Guwahati Press. Similar grant was made to Siliguri Press Association and on 29th April 2005, Chief Minister gave away computers to 40 Journalists, furniture to one Journalist and digital camera to 25 Press Persons at Gangtok, Sikkim. These above mentioned electronic gadgets were purchased from his second wife, Mrs. Tika Maya Chamling’s SSI Unit, Tadong, East Sikkim.

16. Counterfeit Racket Leader of the Assembly and Finance Minister       Mr. Pawan Chamling:

On December 19, 2003 an alarming and sensational case of printing of Fake Currency notes at 5th Mile, Joredhara, Tadong, East Sikkim was detected which is   not only a heinous crime, but also an indication to show as to how a peaceful hill State of Sikkim is converting itself into a  prominent criminal’s den main duly to the wrong governance of   Mr. Pawan Chamling. The Chief Minister himself displayed the fake currency notes of various denominations on the floor of Sikkim Legislative Assembly and said, “those arrested culprits have connections with Top Political Leaders.”  Having full knowledge that the culprits were the members of  the Ruling Sikkim Democratic Front Party headed by Mr. Pawan Chamling, they were set free and are moving freely Printing and circulation of fake currency notes have been declared as National Crime as such activities threaten the very security of the Nation.

17. Chit Fund Scam under Finance Minister, Mr. Pawan Chamling

Mr. Pawan Chamling’s  government is the  government of scams and scandals . Yet another  example of such  scam and scandal is the  illegal  running of Chit Fund business in the state , which is ruining the depositers  or the stake holders in such business.  such banking companies have no legal approval.  Apart from this , Private  banking companies  in the name of “Bharosa Private Co.”, “Sidhi Bank Private  Co. Ltd.,” “Teena Bank Private Co. Ltd.” and so on are running ‘Chit Funds’ in violation of all Rules and even  issuing equity shares. Surprisingly, the  share certificate holders are yet to receive   proper documents. It is a serious crime to give 48% interest as per “The Prize, Chits and Money Circulation Scheme Banning Act, 1978”. The Land Revenue Department issued License No. 741/LD/SKM-2005 against the existing Law and the Guidelines/Rules  of  Reserve Bank of India and facilitated these Private Banks to do business without paying State Government any Taxes. In fact, the  depositers of these  private banks are financially doomed because of Chamling Government’s  Trade License Certificate Policy which aims at benefiting the private banks only in illegal way.  The master-mind of floating such illegal banks has gone under ground in the full knowledge of the  Chief Minister, Mr. Pawan Chamling and Mrs. Tika Maya Chamling.

I.       N E M S I C S:

The North Eastern Multi State Insurance Cooperative Society Ltd.(NEMSICS) Guwahatti, Assam”  is yet another majore scandal whic was  established in Sikkim by Mr. B. M. Ramudamu, SDF Party MLA in consultation with the Chief Minister, Mr. Pawan Chamling. This NEMSICS is cheating the poor depositors of  crores of  rupees without accruing any returns to such depositers, who have  deposited hard earned money in the false hope given to them for handsome returns by the said company. Unfotunately,  the SDF party government is turning deaf ear to the grievances of the depositors who are at the verge of financial doom caused by the criminal attitude and activities of NEMSICS.

18. Scam for the Cover up of the Scams: Mr. Pawan Chamling, Minister-in-Charge.

Mrs. Nalini Singh, sister of Mr. Arun Shourie, the then Union Minister of Implementation of Schemes for North-East States including Sikkim got contract of Rs.8 crore without any tender for one project of electronic media named, TV Live but the result was nil. This loss to  Government Exchequer is  a gain for Mr. Pawan Chamling as he could successfully please the Union Minister, Mr. Shourie to overlook the non-implementation of the Central Government Projects in Sikkim under NEC Fund.

19. Cheating Public Depositors by  NDA at Centre  and SDF Government on 22/12/1999:

The Sikkim Bank Ltd. was taken over by the NDA Government at Center to protect the interests of the  depositors and amalgamated  the same with the Union Bank of India.Vide a  Notification  issued on 21st December, 1999 by the NDA Government it  took over  the Sikkim Bank Ltd. on 22nd December, 1999. Total deposits in Sikkim Bank Ltd. was more than Rs.13 crore but the poor depositors are not able to get back their deposits which is the violation of terms and conditions of the amalgamation process. It is an example of a broad day light robbery of public money.

20. Sombaria State Bank of Sikkim Robbery: Ran Bahadur Subba, Minister.

Mr. Pawan Chamling’s one of the Cabinet Ministers, Mr. Ran Bahadur Subba is responsible for loss of crores of rupees of public deposits from the Sombaria Branch of State Bank of Sikkim caused due to robbery. Unfortunately, only the Manager,  Mr. B. M. Subba was arrested and put behind the bar. The Vigilance case was initiated but because of Mr. Chamling, Chief Minister’s interference the case was suppressed to protect his Minister. In the process the depositors are still suffering.

21. Scandal in Health Department:

Mr. Pawan Chamling’s Government was formed on 12th December, 1994 and just after formation of SDF Party government, Health Department purchased   Medical Equipments worth of Rs.18 crores for the District Hospital, Namchi which were of  poor and outdated quality. As a result the people of such area could not take advantage of medical facilities. These machines are still lying  unutilized in a corner of the District Hospital, Namchi.  No action has been initiated against the culprits,  who are roaming around freely.

22. Financial Offence Committed By Mr. Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister:

Mr. Pawan Chamling sanctioned Rs. 10 Lakhs as ex-gratia to the wife of late  Gyanendra Rai, DFO of Forest Department on his accidental death which occurred in his residence at Pani House, Gangtok.  To add to this illegal act, an unprecedented decision was taken by the Chief Minister to grant the deceased’s wife full salary till the  actual date of superannuation of the deceased Gyanendra Rai, in contravention of Government Rules and practices and this act smacks of Cast Politics, Favourtism, Nepotism and abuse of power by Mr. Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister of Sikkim. It is necessary to point out here that the aforesaid sanction of Mr. Pawan Chamling was opposed by the Finance Secretary(Mr. Tashi Topden, IAS) and Chief Secretary(Sonam Wangdi, IAS), Government of Sikkim since such sanction was beyond the existing Rules. However, by an order dated 22/09/1995 Mr. Pawan Chamling overruled his officers and directed,  “In this case I have not asked to frame the Rules please carry out my order at nsp. 34 on 18/07/1995 without further delay”. This is an abuse of power as others under similar circumstances where denied such benefits. The Chief Minister is not supposed to be above law.

23. Sikkim is fast Turning  into Criminal’s Haven: Role of Home Department.

Burglary, Dacoity, Rape, Kidnapping, Suicide, Murder, Arson, Use of Narcotic, Prostitution, Gambling, Casino, etc.,  have  become a common phenomenon in Sikkim. The State  was once famous for its peace and tranquility but now the peace of the state has become peace of the grave yard. The recent trend shows that the criminal activities are on the rise and the law and order situation in Sikkim is beyond the control of corrupt government of Mr. Pawan Chamling.

24. Mr. Pawan Chamling’s Luxurious Foreign Trips costing Rs. 10 Crores: Violation of FERA .

Mr. Pawan Chamling toured Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong with a team of 11 persons from 10/01/2006 to 24/01/2006. He again tour  Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and England with a Team of 21 Persons, some of them were unauthorized persons. Total Foreign Countries visited by him was ten with a team of 33 Persons for 66 days, All expenses totaling to more than Rs. 10 crores on account of Air Travel, Accommodation in Five Stars Hotels, Travels in Luxury Cars  were borne by the State Exchequer. However, personal expenses for all the 33 persons for 66 days amounting to huge sum of money is unaccounted for and this involved violation of FERA. Mr. Pawan Chamling is the first most expensive Chief Minister of a poor State of Sikkim.

25.       Electronic Voting Machine Scams:

Mr. Pawan Chamling was declared elected in General Election, 2004 without contesting  Election as was the case of  L. D Kazi in 1974. For the first time Electronic Voting Machines were introduced in Sikkim.

A total of 12 EVMs were found missing from the government custody even before the conduct of  the General Election of 2004 but the Chamling government denied this truth. However, after the election, Government admitted in writing the loss of these 12 EVMs. In 2009 all the 32 Constituencies were won by the Ruling Party. However,  the people have  remained unconvinced of the result till date.In order to manipulate the results of General Elections of 1999, 2004 and 2009 Mr. Pawan Chamling invested crores of rupees for tempering with the Electronic Voting Machines and lavish distribution of money to the voters to maintain his continuity in power. Where did he get such huge wealth/money is questionable as it cannot be from his known sources of income.

26. Ineffective CAG of India’s Reports:

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s Reports since 1995 to 2009 indicated that in all Government Departments, there are rampant corruptions and as against development  only corruptions have  mounted manifolds. The CAG Reports are sent to the President of India, Prime Minister of India, the Governor of Sikkim and so on and also  laid on the floor of Sikkim Legislative Assembly, but no action at all to curb the irregularities has been taken. This has rendered existence of CAG office in Sikkim ineffective.

27. Mr. Pawan Chamling’s Children’s Education in Expensive Public Schools, both in India and Abroad- Violation of FERA.

Mr. Pawan Chamling’s daughter Miss Komal Chamling  studied in   G.D. Goanka, Public School, India till the admission of Miss Komal Chamling in  Boston University, USA and  Master Bibek Chamling in Manchester, London. An annual expenditure on their education abroad comes  to more than Rs. 1 crore. This deed of Mr. Chamling certainly is in violation of ‘FERA’.

28. Misuse of Public Fund through IPR, Chamling’s Department:

Mr. Pawan Chamling abused his power and  got   very costly books printed  for his self publicity and the expenditure  met by IPR Department works out  to Rs. 92 Lakhs. Such books are listed  as under:-

i. Mero Sapana Ko Sikkim Vol. 1 & 2 : 3000 copies printing cost Rs. 1000 per              Book.

ii. Aspiration & Accomplishment: 3000 copies; printing cost Rs. 1000 per Book.

iii. Chamling, daring to be Different; 3000 copies; printing cost Rs. 400 per Book.

iv. Perspective and Vision; 3000 copies; Printing cost Rs. 650 per Book.

29. MP Local Area Development Fund Diverted and Siphoned Off:

Since 1995 onwards Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha from Sikkim have not at all utilized Member of Parliament Local Area Development Funds (MPLADS) in the State of Sikkim and totally misused the public welfare funds.

Details of funds released to MPs to the tune of  Rs. 50 crores are as under:

a). Mr. Karma Topden, MP- Rajya Sabha, Rs. 12 Crores.

b). Mr. Bhim Prasad Dahal-Lok Sabha, Rs. 16 crores.

c). Mr. Nakul Das Rai, MP- Lok Sabha,  Rs. 10 crores.

d). Mr. O. T. Lepcha, MP- Rajya Sabha,  Rs.12 crores.

The Central Government’s Independent Agency like, CBI may like to  go through the Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s Reports in respect of Sikkim w.e.f. 1995 onwards and find out the outcome whether MPLADS funds have been  is properly utilized or siphoned off by the MP concerned. Further, the guidelines for MPLADS funds have been totally violated and the assets to be created under such guidelines are also non-existent.  District Collector, East District and Chief Minister of  Sikkim are responsible for the management of the MPLADS Fund.

30. Non-Finalization of the Official BPL List which is Anti People and  Anti National:

Mr. Pawan Chamling Govt.  has failed to  bring out an Official BPL List of the people to date and in the absence of such authentic document, all the National Poverty Alleviation Programmes are being implemented in gross violation of established Rules/Norms thereby committing economic offence. All the Government Reports pertaining to such programmes are misleading, hypothetical, untrue and concocted.

31. Anti National and  Anti-Poor People Government: Violation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005:

NREG Act, 2005  was a historic Legislation enacted  by the UPA Government but the State Government of Sikkim has totally politicise the Act to deprive the  Non-SDF Party supporters of the benefits of such  National Schemes. Besides, the State Government has failed to implement the provisions of the Act like, issuing of the Job-Cards to the deserving unemployed persons and also not providing the Job Card to them at the time when it was most needed. As such the purpose of the Act has been defeated. As a matter of fact, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 is now the source of corruption for the corrupt  Gram Panchayats, Zilla Panchayats and concerned MLA of the constituency.

32. Anti National Government: Mr. Chamling is Responsible.

Right To Information Act, 2005 was a Historic Legislation but in Sikkim even the appointment of the State Chief Information Commissioner and other Officials were illegally done by violating the Rules laid down in the Act, 2005. Even the information sought for was not forthcoming from the concerned Agencies.

In some cases huge sum exceeding Rs. 6 Lakhs was asked by the department to be deposited for securing required information.

33.       Report of Comptroller and auditor General of India on Sikkim State Finance for the Year Ended 31 March 2009, on Hydel Power Project in Sikkim.

Sikkim Government under the leadership of Mr. Pawan Chamling had drawn Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and issued the Letter of Intents to 26 Hydel Power Project developers with a total power generation capacity of more than 4000 MW, in violation of the State and National Guidelines.

Total 26 Hydel Power Projects were handed over to different Private Companies without Global Tenders. Implementation of  these power projects were given  on negotiation basis. Even the environment clearance, which is mandatory, was not obtained from the Environment Ministry nor was there any public hearing. Some of these Hydel Power Projects are not able to  pay  land compensation as yet, though they have taken over the land from the general public. The Government of Sikkim provided Bank Guarantee for bank loan for these projects. As an example, a Delhi based ATPIL Company was given the contract of  implementing Ravangla Hydel Power Project against which he took  Rs. 50.01crores bank loan with government as a guarantor but now the said project has been scrapped by the Cabinet.

With secret understanding between Mr. Pawan Chamling and  the owner of  ATPIL  Company, Mr. P. K. Das the deal was struck. Now, the loan have to be repaid from public exchequer with interest. Implementation of such a large number of projects at one go is immiment to cause ecological disturbances. It may be mentioned here that “Affected Citizen of Teesta” which is an NGO from Dzongu  staged ‘Dharna’  for 2 long years against implementing such heavy projects in Dzongu area but Chamling govt. paid no heed to their plea. By this act of commissioning of the project in Dzongu area, Chamling government has violated Revenue Order No.1 of 1917 and special provision of Article 371F of the Constitution of IndiaIt is  necessary to make adequate provisions in the environment management plans for undertaking research and designing suitable measures to mitigate the effect of Hydel Power Projects on aquatic life of Sikkim. There are 63 species of phytoplankton, 17 species of zoo phytoplankton and 48 species of fish, inhabiting the river systems of Sikkim.The creation of reservoirs, fluctuation in natural river discharge and diversion of river water through closed tunnels would completely change the ecological conditions of river systems.

MOUs were needed to be signed with the project developers securing their commitment for a long term comprehensive strategy for the preservation and protection of all species of aquatic life in the Holy Rivers of Sikkim. Unfortunately, SDF Party Government is after money and money only and no such measures find place in its agenda.

34. Mr. Pawan Chamling Government is Anti UPA Government and Anti -National:

i).    Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.

ii).   Sampurna Gramin Swarojgar Yojna for the BPL Families.

iii).  Rural Housing Schemes.

iv).   Mid Day Meals.

v).    Sarba Sikshya Abhiyan.

vi).   National Programme in Health Sector.

vii).  Public Distribution System.

viii). Rajiv Gandhi’s Vidhutikaran Scheme.

The above mentioned Schemes have suffered due to insincere implementation, lack of monitoring and submission of Fake Utilization Certificate has caused total mismanagement of the fund meant for the poor and needy.

35. Pink Card Project: Anti People Misdeed of Mr. Pawan Chamling:

a) . The Pink Card Project being implemented by the Chamling government     all over Sikkim is bound to create innumerable problems if the project is               not checked in time. In the first place it is  apparent that the project aims                         at regularizing the cases of a huge number of non-Sikkimese population                         which will threaten the existence of three ethnic communities of Sikkim                     and also the old business community of Sikkim as it is bound to change              the demographic pattern of Sikkim.

b). The Pink Card project of the state govt. is in violation of Sikkim                              Subject Regulation Act, 1961 and the Govt. of India Gazette                                            Notification of 1989.

c). The Citizenship issue is a Central subject and the State Govt. has no                        business to interfere in the matter after the merger of Sikkim in India in                   1975.

d). Since, such important programme ought to have been launched after                        fulfilling important conditions  like,  obtaining public opinion through                  public hearing, consultation with all political parties and NGOs,                          educating the public on the merits and demerits of the programme,   the                   intention of the State Govt. in implementing the project in a hurry                                 speaks of its malafide design.

e). It is also evident that the state govt. under Mr. Pawan Chamling is                not satisfied with what they are earning and have resolved to even                                     plunder the poor Sikkimese public by making them to pay Rs. 50/- per                   head for obtaining the Pink Card.

f). In condition No. 3 of the Pink Card it has not been specified whether                       all the holders of Certificate of Identification are entitled to the Pink                                 Card.

36. High Security Number Plate Project:

The High Security Number Plate Project made compulsory by Mr. Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister and his Motor Vehicles Department’s Minister, Mr. Menlom Lepcha since 14 October 2008. The sole objective of the govt. decision to implement this project is to earn or derive handsome commission from the contract of this scheme as the cost of each Number Plate is highly inflated than the market rate. The record shows that use of such Number Plate elsewhere in the country is not mandatory. Award of contract for installation of the High Security Number Plates to Mr. Bijoy Chamling, son of Mr. Chamling itself smacks of scam of high magnitude.

37. Government Policy in respect of Hazardous Industrial Licenses:

Licenses for Establishment of Industries in Sikkim, are issued in total violation of State and Central Government Rules/Regulation/Guidelines. Even Industries like “Akshey Ispat Co.”  just by the side of River Teesta, and “Sicpa Co. ”, both located at Mamring, South Sikkim and “Sun Pharma Co.” at  Setipool near Ranipool, East Sikkim which are health hazardous, have been given licenses without any concern for the health and  life of the people of that area. Other State Governments have denied such Industries due to its highly polluting, toxic and health hazardous character. The licensing authority, granted the license with the approval of the Chief Minister in total disregard to the interests of the people of Sikkim.

Mr. Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister of Sikkim and his Cabinet also caused total dilution  he Revenue Order No. 1, 1917, Old Laws of Sikkim and facilitated the outsiders to purchase immovable properties in rural areas for establishing business enterises as above. The Chamling Government and the Private Companies from outside Sikkim have drawn Memorandum of Understanding on the basis of which letter of intents  for the manufacture and trade of the products were issued in violation of the  Revenue Order No. 1, 1917, the Sikkim Subject Rights, the Local Protection Act, and also violated the Article 371 F, as a result of which SIKKIMBASI would be rendered SUKUMBASI (landless) in the long run.    Besides, no environmental clearance, which is mandatory for such industries were obtained from the  Union Environment Ministry, New Delhi. To facilitate transfer of land to the Private Companies from out side Sikkim, the Chamling government enacted a decronian  legislation called  Regulation of Land Transfer Act, 20-05 by which any land could be acquired for  establishment of  Business  Centers and Factories which are now proving Hazardous to Human as well as Animal and Marine Lives, besides causing disturbances to the otherwise clean and unpolluted ecology and environment of Sikkim.


4 Responses to Scams and misdeeds of Chamling

  1. vikram says:

    nice job congress party

  2. i hate kiran says:

    All Facts stated here are true and most sikkimese people know about the corruption and favouritism…

    All i want to ask is that if you are so sure of these facts why dosent the Congress party go the the people all over Sikkim and explain. You seem to go to delhi more often than any corner of Sikkim.

    You do not have any organisation in any of the districts. As long as you look for shortcuts, the sikkimese people will never trust you because it was your president who used to brand congress party, a kaiya or dhoti party!!!

    everybody needs a change here in sikkim but being a national party, it is time the SPCC lives to its expectations rather than just gimmicks…….these allegations in any state of india would bring the government down.

  3. Neo Dai says:

    Pink Card Issue:-
    Dear Sikkim subject with volume Number Holder it is time to check that you all have been exempted for paying of Income Tax which has been extended by the Central Government with active support of Hon’ble Chit Minister Mr Pawan Chamling and his Legislature with those IAS & IPS to get benefits from the exemption of tax.Since the Income tax has been extended from 01/04/1989 to the state of sikkim and the then government Mr Bhandari government has to quite and not survive by the few money holder and lender but sorry to say that the issue was not that but something else you all know that.
    But the present issue is that the central government has passed the bill for exemption of Income tax to those individuals having sikkim subject with volume NO to the income earned in the State of sikkim.
    Now the Chaling government has converted the Sikkim subject to Pink card which is no where mentioned in the Parliamentary notification for exemption of ax.This is another attempt to impose the tax to Sikkim subject holder with volume no, by the officers and Home secretary.Be aware of the fact and reject the PINKCARD again Central government will not passed the bill in Parliament to allow the pink card holder for exemption of Income tax to Sikkim.

  4. Neo Dai says:

    Sikkim Subject & revenue NO 1 in Danger:
    After issuance of Pink card the revenue No 1 for land selling Law will not be abolished and like Bengal anyone can purchase the land in sikkim as the only condition to Holder of sikkim subject will allowed to purchase the property in sikkim.
    In first face the extension of Municipality are of Bazar the part f revenue no 1 is demolished by the Present government.dear sikkimese please think twice for the same.

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